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Tullow Oil

Tullow Oil was incorporated in Ireland in 1985 and is now one of the largest independent oil and gas exploration and production companies in Europe.

The company holds over 90 licences in 17 countries, and produces oil in Africa and gas in the United Kingdom and South Asia. Tullow is in partnership with other companies in most of its licences and is the operating partner in over 40 of them.

Tullow balances the mix of its business between oil and gas, between three continents, between onshore and offshore, between exploration and production and between high risk and low risk projects. In 2006, the Group plans to invest over Stg £300 million / €450 million in funding its exploration, development and production assets.

Tullow employs approximately 250 people in Dublin, London, South Africa, Bangladesh, Pakistan and Gabon and, in addition, contracts a large number of individuals for specific projects. Tullow works in partnership with state companies in the countries where it is active and is involved in a number of initiatives with local communities.