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MSD Medical Education MSD works with leading medical education partners to deliver ongoing medical education training and was the first company to partner with the BMJ to bring their highly regarded BMJ Masterclasses to Ireland. The renowned Merck Manuals, which have set the standard for excellence in professional medical information since they were first published in 1899 are also accessible via the univadis portal. This includes one of the world’s most widely used medical textbooks, The Merck Manual of Diagnosis and Therapy. Millions of people around the world are living longer, more productive lives, thanks to improvements in healthcare, including access to innovative medicines and vaccines. At MSD in Ireland we are playing our part, working closely with many Irish charities, not-for-profit organisations and centres of academic excellence to improve access to healthcare. Our current areas of focus include research partnerships, medical grants, patient access programmes and support of patient groups in their advocacy, policy and awareness work.

MSD Public Health Education 

The ability of patients to read and understand healthcare information is vital to ongoing and effective health management, however that is not always as straight forward as it might seem. Research suggests that people with low health literacy make more mistakes with medication or treatment, are less able to follow treatment instructions, have difficulties negotiating the healthcare system, and are more likely to be hospitalised than people with adequate health literacy. We recognise that as a leader in healthcare we have a role to play in helping address this vitally important issue. 

In 2007, we formed a partnership with the National Adult Literacy Agency (NALA) with the specific aim of increasing public awareness of the health literacy issue, and to engage with healthcare professionals. Over the past six years this partnership has helped Ireland become an internationally recognised centre of excellence in health literacy. The highly successful annual Crystal Clear MSD Health Literacy Awards is just one high profile element amongst a number of initiatives. MSD also provides information to the public on a wide range of health topics in collaboration with partner organisations and through health education programmes in such areas as women’s health, hepatitis C, HIV, diabetes, osteoporosis and gastroenterology. 

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