Science & Technology in Action


ICBF (Irish Cattle Breeders Federation) exists to achieve the greatest possible genetic improvement in the national cattle herd, for the benefit of Irish farmers, the dairy and beef industries, and members.

In 2011 the dairy industry experienced a continuation of the recovery from the financial downturn of 2009. Irish beef producers also saw a significant improvement of meat returns. In 2011 the major contributions ICBF made towards its mission included:

  • The completion of a major review of beef cattle breeding in order to establish a breeding scheme that delivers the benefits and achieves the cost savings made possible by selection.
  • A dramatic increase in the use of genomic selection (GS) in dairy cattle breeding.

  • Delivery of the fourth year of the suckler cow welfare scheme (SCWS) to 34,436 suckler herds.

  • Further enhancements to the €uro-Star beef genetic evaluations by utilizing the wealth of data becoming available through the SCWS.


    Growth in the HerdPlus® service to beef and dairy herds by 9%.

    Expansion of the AI Handheld data recording service by 5%.

    Continued publication of reports on key performance indicators of the dairy herd in collaboration with milk processors.




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