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The Geological Survey of Ireland (GSI), founded in 1845, is Ireland’s National Earth Science Organisation. It is responsible for providing geological advice and information, and for the acquisition of data for this purpose. The GSI produces a range of products including maps, reports and databases and acts as a knowledge centre and project partner in all aspects of Irish geology.

It functions as a line division of the Department of Communications, Energy and Natural Resources (DCENR) with an annual budget in excess of €7 million, and employs approximately 70 staff.

To meet GSI’s goals to deliver information and advice to today’s society the organisation operates with small teams in specific programme areas. Bedrock, quaternary and offshore mapping produce geological maps which are used by a range of professionals such as geologists, engineers and researchers. In addition these products are further enhanced by the GSI to produce Groundwater Protection Schemes, Aggregate Potential Maps and Geological Heritage Sites. These works are commonly carried out with Local Authorities and are important planning tools aimed to protect our resources and develop them in a sustainable manner.

The GSI is involved in a large range of projects, these include investigating and cataloguing old mine workings, climate change and carbon sequestration, geological hazards mapping, airborne geophysical surveys and geotourism. A special programme of events is planned for 2008 which is designated by the UN General Assembly as IYPE (International Year of Planet Earth). 
In addition the GSI is responsible for Griffith Geoscience Research Awards aimed at building research capacity in the area of Geosciences in Ireland.

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