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Food Safety Authority of Ireland

The Role of the Food Safety Authority of Ireland (FSAI) The principal function of the FSAI is to coordinate the enforcement of food law in Ireland in order to protect consumers’ health and interests so that people can trust the food they buy.

This is achieved by leading a collaborative food safety community in partnership with a food inspectorate and laboratory network throughout the country and by striving to continuously raise food standards and encourage a culture of excellence.

The FSAI, established by the Food Safety Authority of Ireland Act, 1998, was one of the fi rst independent food safety authorities established in the world. It is a statutory, independent and science-based regulatory organisation operating under the aegis of the Minister for Health. It currently has a Board of 10 people which is advised by a 15-member Scientific Committee.

Key Functions of the Authority

The FSAI is responsible for:

    • Protecting consumers by ensuring safe food for everyone and that food information is accurate and can be trusted. In this way consumers are empowered to make informed choices about the food they choose.

    • Raising food standards by ensuring that food businesses are in compliance with EU and national food legislation and standards.

    • Provision of robust evidence-based scientific information to policy makers.

    • Promoting a culture of excellence by ensuring that food safety and integrity are priorities for all food businesses.

The FSAI is a recognised leader and partner in food safety. It has an enthusiastic, innovative and effective team committed to delivering its vision.

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