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Ireland is one of the windiest places in Western Europe and has a tremendous potential for wind energy. Wind power can make an important contribution to Ireland’s energy policy objectives of securing diverse and sustainable supplies of energy at competitive prices.

Renewable Energy and wind energy in particular is inherently sustainable; i.e. using it does not have an ongoing negative impact on life in the future. It has a number of key advantages over conventional means of electricity generation:

  • It involves very low emissions of “greenhouse gases”
  • The fuel supplies will not run out
  • The fuel is free and indigenous − it is not subject to fuel price variations and does not have to be imported

Energia supplies green electricity to its customers from a range of wind farm contracts, in addition to conventional supply from Viridian’s two major gas fired generating stations at Huntstown in north Dublin. Energia has in place 400 MW of long term offtake contracts on the island of Ireland and a renewable development pipeline of over 300MW..

Energia is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Viridian Group plc, which also owns Huntstown Power Station, Northern Ireland Electricity, Powerteam \Electrical Services and NIE Energy, the main electricity supplier in Northern Ireland with around 770,000 customers. The Group has a turnover of around €1.5 billion and employs around 1,500 staff.

Energia has offices in Dublin, Belfast, Cork, Galway and Omagh and employs in excess of 120 people. Energia was the first independent supplier to supply electricity in the de regulated market in 1999, the first independent power plant to supply electricity to the grid in 2002 and has also the newest power plant to supply the grid connected and fully operational in 2007.

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