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Elan Corporation plc

Elan Drug Technologies - Experts in Nanotechnology Elan Corporation plc. is a neuroscience-based biotechnology company that is focused on discovering, manufacturing and marketing advanced therapies in neurology, autoimmune diseases, and severe pain.
Located on a 35 acre campus, Elan’s Athlone facility has a total area under roof of over 420,000sq ft. with a capacity to manufacture up to 3 million tablets/capsules a year. Other facilities are located in Gainsville, Georgia and King of Prussia, Pennsylvania, both in the USA. The latter is home to the proprietary NanoCrystal® Technology.

In Ireland, Elan employs some 550 people including approximately 200 scientists and technicians.

Elan offers more than 35 years experience and collaborates with more than 30 of the world’s leading pharmaceutical companies. NanoCrystal® Technology is used by such well known companies as Wyeth, Merck, Fournier and Abbott Laboratories.
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