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CRH is an international group with strong national, regional and international leadership positions. With operations in 35 countries, CRH employed approximately 76,000 people at over 3,500 locations in 2012. From a strong developed-world base, CRH is growing its presence in emerging economic regions.

In its 2012 Sustainability Report, CRH states that it ‘ has progressed and developed in all areas of sustainability and sought to ensure that the key elements are embedded in our business model.’

CRH has operated successfully for over forty years. This success has been based on a solid foundation and commitment to fundamental aspects of business – strong customer and supplier relationships, value added products, efficient processes and targeted markets, balanced across both sectoral and geographic areas. These fundamentals of business are managed within a strong framework and focus on health & safety, environment & climate change, people & community and corporate governance. In all of these areas, CRH sets policies, implements management systems, monitors performance and incorporates stakeholder feedback at each stage aiming for continuous improvement across its activities. By developing sustainable businesses, CRH aims to remain an industry leader creating long term value for all stakeholders.

In 2007, CRH, in fulfilling its obligations as a member of the Cement Sustainability Initiative, publicly committed to a reduction in specific carbon dioxide emissions from its cement plants. This was followed with a commitment to reduce other air emissions from cement plants. CRH has achieved all of these targets a full three years ahead of the planned date, through sustained investment in energy efficient processes and abatement systems, increased use of alternative fuels and raw materials and the technical development of lower carbon intensity products. CRH is now focusing on achieving its new public commitments in these areas by the target date of 2020.

Production facilities are being progressively upgraded to optimise the use of both energy and materials and to reduce emissions.

CRH companies won a total of 266 environmental awards in 2012. In addition CRH is ranked among sector leaders by leading Socially Responsible Investment (SRI) rating agencies.

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