Science & Technology in Action

8th Edition

Be inspired and take part - 8th Edition

BT Young Scientist & Technology

This lesson describes how the BT Young Scientist and Technology Exhibition promotes scientific inquiry. An extra Poster Sheet on BT Young Scientist and Technology Exhibition is included in the folder.
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Lesson excerpt

What event, involving students from all over the island, has taken  place each year for the last 49 years? No doubt you know the 
answer to this question. It is the BT Young Scientist and Technology  Exhibition (BTYS&TE). This busy, glamorous and exciting event involves 550 student projects and a range of other exhibitions spread across five halls in the famous Royal Dublin Society (RDS). Many commentators feel that it is important for us to produce more scientists, engineers, mathematicians, technologists and business entrepreneurs. The world is changing and we need to keep up. Technology drives many of these changes. Technology is applied science, and so scientific knowledge, and our ability to apply that knowledge, is seen as critical to the future of the economy and to society in general. The BTYS&TE plays a major part in achieving this objective. 

What are they doing?
This is the BT Young Scientist Business Bootcamp in the Innovation and Technology HUB at Nova, UCD. These students are working with their mentors from BT to develop their projects as commercial businesses. Many of the projects that enter the BTYS&TE have the potential to become businesses. To do this the students need to know more about innovation, business development and entrepreneurship. Each team is preparing to present the business idea to a panel of expert judges at the end of the week. In 2012, six projects out of the eighteen that qualified were shortlisted for presentation to the judges. These projects involved:

  • Design and construction of a multi-touch computer.
  • An automated water circulation anti-freezing system.
  • Irish-grown dessert apples substituting for imported apples.
  • A low-cost, variable-speed water pasteurizer.
  • Detecting road incidents with Twitter and traffic cameras.
  • A mathematical learning and communication tool for autistic children.

To find out more about the BT Young Scientist and Technology Exhibiton, download the pdf above.